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Chester Park Cooperative homes are safe, secure, and have wonderful amenities and beautiful views of the Chugach Mountains on the eastern side, or Mt. Susitna on the western side of the building. All of the units are on one level; no stairs to worry about inside your home. There are three wings; each wing has an elevator that goes down to our heated garage. Chester Park Cooperative Management collects no commission, bonus or any additional compensation for selling a home. We serve as a neutral mediator between both Buyer and Seller. We are committed to doing all we can to assist in facilitating the transaction in a fair, honest and equitable manner.

Homes for Sale at Chester Park

Unit Number Unit Type Bed Rooms Baths Den Deck Total Sq. Ft. Unit Price Mortgage Balance ***Down Payment as of 1/01/2021 Mortgage Payment Monthly Fees** Monthly Total
308  D 2 1.5     977 $185,000 $82,108 $102,892 $484 $911 $1,395
108 D 2 1.5     977 $175,000 $82,108 $92,892 $484 $911 $1,395
231 D 2 1.5     977 $180,000 $82,108 $97,892 $484 $911 $1,395
118 NEW C2 1 1.5 x   839 $159,000 $67,311 $91,689 $397 $829 $1,226

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* This unit does not include a garage space, however, it may be possible to rent an existing space from another member.

** Monthly Common Fees: Include Garage, Water, Sewer, Trash, Gas heat, Cable television, Maintenance, Dining Room fee, and Hazard Insurance.

*** Down Payment: Down payment changes monthly. Property Taxes are not included. Alaska Residents 65+ may qualify for a tax exemption.

Debt Services Interest Rate:  Current rate is 4.375%
Financing questions? Contact Chester Park Cooperative management.